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Backup Policies

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Posted on 15/05/2013 07:32 am

How We Protect Your Data

I Host U conducts disaster recovery backups nightly on our Shared services. These backups are retained for 48 hours and then replaced with the latest backup files. This is in addition to utilizing the latest in RAID-10 storage array’s on all servers to prevent data loss due to a drive failure. We also regularly run file system checks to ensure the integrity of the file system.

Are these backups publicly accessible?

The primary purpose of these backups are to protect against total data loss due to hardware or software failure. However, in the event that you need us to recover files for you we offer one (1) free restoration per month, per account. Additional restores are available at $35 per restore.

How do I request restoration of files from your disaster recovery system?

To request a restoration from backups, you will need to log into your account manager and open a support ticket. Be sure to let us know which files and folders you need restored and from which day you would like the backup files restored from.

Should I rely on the disaster recovery backups for keeping backups of my website?

While we make every effort to protect your data by utilizing the latest in storage & backup technology we encourage customers to take frequent backups of their files and databases. I Host U maintains no guarantee that our disaster recovery system will restore your website back to the way you may need it. Creating your own backups is the only method of insuring your data is protected. Creating your own backups can be done for free by following our How to Create a Full Backup Knowledge Base article. For our shared hosting services, we can create full cPmove backups for $15 per cPanel account.

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