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  • icon How to whitelist I Host U in
    Hotmail and Outlook have very strict email standards. It is always best to white list our domain to ensure you are always receiving our emails. Step 1 – Login to your account. Step 2 – Click on the “More Email Settings” button. Step 3 – Click on the “Safe and blocked senders” under the preventing junk [...]
  • icon Backup Policies
    How We Protect Your Data ihostu conducts disaster recovery backups nightly on our Shared, Reseller, and VPS services. These backups are retained for 48 hours and then replaced with the latest backup files. This is in addition to utilizing the latest in RAID-10 storage array’s on all servers to prevent data loss due to a drive [...]
  • icon Overview – Using RV Site Builder to Create Your Own Website
    RV Site Builder allows you to construct a website without buying any software. With very little or no programming experience, you can finally setup a fully functional website. The only software you will need is your web browser such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Here is a general overview of how you can [...]
  • icon How can I get a dedicated IP for my site?
    Dedicated IP’s can be assigned to a customer’s hosting account and has to be done manually by our support team. To obtain your dedicated IP, please open a ticket from within your Account Manager. There is a $30/year charge for this add-on. Note: Dedicated IP’s can only be provisioned on the main cPanel account. Limit [...]
  • icon What types of problems does SiteLock scan for?
    SiteLock performs a Deep 360 Scan that encompasses: Reputation monitoring: ensures the reputation of the website is intact and communication to visitors and customers is uninterrupted. Malware blacklist: monitors search engine and proprietary malware lists to make sure the site is not blocked by search engines and browsers. Spam blacklist: ensures that e-mails reach customers’ inbox (not their [...]
  • icon Can I change my notification preferences for the alerts?
    Click settings at the top of the page and you can modify your preferences based on criticality and/or type of message.
  • icon I didn’t receive my login information e-mail yet. What do I do?
    At ihostu , after you sign up with us you will receive 2 emails, the first confirming the receipt of your order. The second email is your “Account Login Email”. This second email contains all of the information you need to get started with your web site hosting account. The “Account Login Email” contains your [...]
  • icon Do you support Mod_Rewrite?
    Yes, All of ihostu web hosting servers come pre-configured for Mod_Rewrite and automatically works when used via the .htaccess file in your hosting account.
  • icon Do you support JSP?
  • icon Is there a size limit on incoming/outgoing e-mail?
    At ihostu we must respect every client on all of our servers and their ability to go about their daily tasks related to their web sites and emails with confidence and ease. Mail servers can get clogged or bogged down by the transmission or receiving of emails with large files attached. If the mail server [...]
  • icon How many e-mail accounts do I get?
    Every ihostu web site hosting plan comes with the ability to have unlimited email accounts as well as web mail IMAP, and POP3 accounts. The breakdown in terms of how many email accounts are associated with each plan is as follows.Each email account is setup by default to be able to house 250 MB of [...]
  • icon What is an SSL?
    An SSL certificate allows you to conduct secure transactions through your ecommerce portal on your site, that is if you sell things online through your site. This certificate will allow your visitors to know that their transactions, and most importantly their credit card information, will be secure during the transaction process. An SSL certificate basically [...]
  • icon What is MySQL?
    MySQL (pronounced “my ess cue el”) is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL), the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database. Because it is open source, anyone can download MySQL and tailor it to one’s needs in accordance with the general public [...]
  • icon What is PHP?
    One definition: PHP competes with Visual Basic and C++ as the third most popular programming language behind Java and C, based on world wide availability of practitioners, courses and vendors. Available under the PHP License, PHP is an open source language and considered to be free software by the Free Software Foundation. Another definition: The [...]
  • icon What is Webmail?
    Webmail is an online method of managing all the email for your web site(s). You can access your email from anywhere in the world (with Internet access) through a web browser, like Internet Explorer. IHOSTU offers three different webmail solutions – Horde, SquirrelMail and Roundcube. They both retrieve your email files from the same place, [...]
  • icon Do you support SSI (Server Side Includes)?
    Yes. SSI (Server Side Includes) are directives that are placed in HTML pages, and processed on the server while the pages are being served. They let you add dynamically generated content to an existing HTML page, without having to serve the entire page via a CGI program, or other dynamic technology such as a Content [...]
  • icon What Shopping Carts does I Host U provide?
    IHOSTU offers several shopping cart systems, all included free of charge with our web hosting services. These shopping carts are included through our One Click Installer tools inside your cPanel account & will integrate into your favorite payment gateway, such as Paypal, 2Checkout,, etc. To learn more about each of them and what they have [...]
  • icon Do we provide Shell Access/SSH?
    Yes. SSH (Shell Access) command line is allowed on all our of our servers. How do I enable this feature? To enable this feature please open a support ticket in your account manager requesting SSH be enabled for your account. You can login to your account manager at
  • icon If I Host U Registers my Domain, who owns it?
    When we register a domain for our ihostu clients, we register it on your behalf. You will be the owner. Many of our clients prefer to have their WhoIs information private. By default, your contact information that you used to sign up with us are the whois data on the domain. If you would like [...]
  • icon When are the affiliate sales commissions paid?
    ihostu affiliate commissions are paid on the 15th of each month for sales generated in the month prior to the last so for instance for sales generated January1st to January 31st the commissions would be paid on March 15th. (**Please Note** if the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday the commissions will be [...]
  • icon How to use theI Host U affiliate program to make Money!!!
    First you need to sign up for the program at: You will be emailed logins which you will use to log into your affiliate account at: In order for a sale to track to your affiliate account a cookie must be set on the web hosting buyer’s computer just prior to their purchase
  • icon I Host U Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions
    We are excited to have you join our affiliate program. We know that you will be very happy knowing that not only will you be making great money but that you will be doing something positive to help the environment too. Our goal is to help
  • icon Addon Pricing
    Below are addon pricing for various services at ihostu: * Indicates that these features are given to you free, but the cost of their license are deducted from any refunds. ** Customers can prepare their own backups by following our guide here. Fees only applicable should ihostu generate a full cPanel backup. All Purchases are
  • icon RV Site Builder How To Get Started.
    I Host U offers 2 web site builder programs, RV Site Builder is the more popular of these two programs because of it’s ease of use. To get started using the RV site builder program login to your cpanel control panel with the username and password we sent to you in your account login email. Scroll
  • icon How can I test drive or demo the RV Site Builder
    You can test out and demo the RV Site Builder at:
  • icon How can I modify the RV site Builder Template Theme?
    RV Site Builder which is the more popular of the 2 web site template builder programs that we offer does have the ability for you to modify the images in the main template that you choose. To learn how to modify the template theme that you choose through the RV site builder click this link:
  • icon How can I have an ecommerce store using the RV Site Builder?
    The RV Site Builder is a great way to get a professional looking web site up and online quickly and easily. The site builder, like most template web site builders do have their limitations however and shopping cart scripts which allow you to accept credit cards do not work with template site builders like our [...]
  • icon Examples of sites built with the RV Site Builder
    Here you can see some of the examples that RV Site Builder has put together in terms of how a site would look if you built it with their system. PLEASE NOTE*** That the RV Site builder has almost 700 templates for you to choose from so if some of [...]
  • icon Alternatives to the RV Site Builder
    Here are some areas you may want to check out to get your site started. The RV Site builder is a template based web site builder which allows you to build a web site fast and easy. There are close to 700 templates to choose from and we have a knowledge base area regarding that [...]
  • icon What version of PHP does I Host U use?
    I Host U operates the latest stable & compatible version of PHP. Recently I Host U announced the release of the selection of PHP versions using a tool available in cPanel. How do I select my PHP version? Login to cPanel and under Software and Services, click on “Select PHP version”. You can then choose from either the native [...]
  • icon Ordering Additional Domains
    The following are domain pricing at I Host U as of May, 2013. [...]
  • icon Federal Trade Commission – Affiliate Requirements – PLEASE READ
    This page should be read by every I Host U affiliate. ihosturequires that each affiliate comply with the rules and guidelines expressed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and that failure to do so may result in removal from our affiliate program and cancellation of commissions. In December 2009 the FTC released guidelines which require transparency [...]
  • icon I Host U Migration Policy
    * cPanel Migrations include all domains, Addon Domains, Subdomains, and cPanel settings. This will also include your emails and email accounts. Please note that this does require that your old host’s cPanel backup generator to be active. ** Manual Migrations include most things that are not cPanel to cPanel transfers. Additionally this includes work such as splitting [...]


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